Thursday, August 15, 2013

Volume III, Issue II

August 15, 2013
The Ides of March Journal

August 15, 1971: 
Gold dollars are good, 
but paper dollars to gold? 
Now a no-can-do.

Featured in this issue, culled from six possibilities:

Doug Polk: 
    ---"Wounded Knee" 
Joshua Rahms: 
    ---"Blackbeard's Head" 
Carly Willard: 
    ---"Almost a King"


"Wounded Knee" 
---Doug Polk 

The story, 
one of legend, 
Big Foot and his band, 
forced to walk to their deaths, 
in the freezing cold, 
sacrificed to the paranoia of the whites, 
the majority murdered, 
while others left to freeze, 
dying slowly in the falling snow, 
blanketing their bodies, 
covering the white men's shame.


"Blackbeard's Head" 
 ---Joshua Rahms

the most feared  
Teach; dark-hair leer 
a smug death-face 
aboard the wooden grace 
of Queen Anne's Revenge
but once removed, a skully portend 
high-flung, pole-plunked. All would see 
that decapitated pirate gazing out to sea!


"Almost a King" 
--Carly Willard 

Almost a king-- 
had he the mind for it, 
the Continental Army would have leapt 
from his wooden teeth, would have placed 
the riches of the New World at his feet.  
But he'd no mind for kingship--no, 
barely one for men-marshalling.  
General Washington--King Washington?  
One was almost 
the same 
as the other.


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