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Volume III, Issue I

April 15, 2013
The Ides of March Journal

April 15, 1924: 
Roadway wanderlust 
gets a new direction: maps 
by Rand McNally.

Featured in this Issue, culled from 11 possible submissions: 

Zann Carter: 
    ---"Genevieve Habert Discovers Le Bateau is Hung Upside-Down"
Linda Crate: 
Jeanne DeLarm-Neri: 
    ---"Athena and Theseus May Have Met" 
Liz Hartnett:
    ---"Pulling the Wool"
Doug Polk 
    ---"A Mob in Egypt" 
    ---"Van Gogh"  


"Genevieve Habert Discovers Le Bateau is Hung Upside-Down" 
---By Zann Carter 

For 47 days in 1961 in the museum of Modern Art, 
Le Bateau, a 1953 paper-cut by the elderly Henri Matisse hung 

upside down. 

Genevieve Habert, a New York stockbroker originally 
from France, visited the exhibit three times 

and became convinced of it. 

'Because," she said, "Matisse would never 
put the main, more complex motif on the bottom 

and the lesser motif on top." 

She informed a guard who said all the experts 
were home for the weekend and didn't bother 

to take a message. 

But Genevieve, a more complex motif, contacted the New York Times 
who contacted MOMA's art director who ordered 

a proper rehanging.


---Linda Crate

He broke into my house, my only 
solace; rained down in gold and 
took the form of my husband-- 
for this they took me and threw 
me to the sea; they only remember 
my son Perseus, the hero, but they 
forget me; let my memories yellow 
like my bones lost to the sea-- 
I know they call it adultery, but 
how could I be blamed for what the 
king of the gods decided to do to me?  
I cannot help but think that this is 
unfair judgement, something that 
ought not have been brought forth 
upon me, in a dance of autumn leaves. 


 "Athena and Theseus May Have Met"
---Jeanne DeLarm-Neri

Thank the curating gods, 
the title plaque names them, 
their heads missing from cracked 
frozen fragmented frieze. 
We modern docents wondered. 

Athena's tough marble garlands 
drape her square hollowed waist: 
the site of ancient hardware. 
Bon Voyage to Theseus' torso 
wedged to the wall with one killer bicep. 

They extend what's left of limbs, 
reach to tap nubs, 
exchange an airy message. 
The code erodes, 
atom by unrequited atom.


"Pulling the Wool" 
---Liz Hartnett 

Irish raiders flew across the waves 
in curraghs of animal hides; 
Keen eyes in the keening gale, 
claiming the offspring of Britain, 
bearing away thousands, 
including Patrick, who tended sheep 
and pondered divinity 
on the lonely slopes of Antrim, 
perhaps arriving at faith through 
lack of any alternative hope.
Extremity requires monolithic allies, 
or at least a less temporal master 
with a different sort of sheep. 


"A Mob in Egypt" 
--Doug Polk 

Our turn, 
the mobs say, 
America dying, 
Europe dead, 
get out of the way, 
our time in the sun, 
has only begun, 
the faith is ours, 
as is strength of will, 
let us walk in the sun, 
as the storm clouds build, 
and the Egyptian army plans. 


" Van Gogh" 
--Doug Polk 

The soul arches on the canvas, 
blood red, 
or deep ocean blue, 
each and every brush stroke, 
a scab, 
scratched free, 
until nothing left, 


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