Sunday, December 23, 2012

Volume II, Issue IV

December 15, 2012 
The Ides of March Journal 

December 21, 2012.  
Midnight came and went. 
The ghosts of Cichen Itza 
still laugh at our fear. 

In this issue, culled from six eligible poems: 

Art Baker 
    ---"A Mayan Christmas"
Liz Hatrnett 
    ---"Not So Fast"
Phillip Larrea 
    ---"Taxing Times--The Legend of Lady Godiva"  


"A Mayan Christmas" 
---Art Baker 

My brother buys boxes of batteries. 
Candles, too. 
And he's got shelves full of dry food, 
enough for a zoo. 

He says the end is coming, 
and the Mayans won't take him. 
He's stocked his basement larder, 
and he's got guns to the brim.  

I asked him: "What if nothing happens?" 
"What if it's all just a bunch nonsense?" 
He said: "Then I'm already set 
for five years worth of Christmas presents."


"Not So Fast" 
---Liz Hartnett

How did you come to this? 
Your head on a stake, 
with years to ponder your predicament 
from the rooftop. 
Missing your cozy crypt in Westminster.  

Lord Protector of Great Britain, 
Star of the Puritan Elect, 
Oliver Cromwell, man of God. 
The part you played in the King's execution 
never sat well. 

You governed to the hilt: loyalists massacred, 
churches burned around the ears of poor Irish. 
A colorful rule, a peaceful death in bed.  
But after, 
their stubborn resentment could not let you rest. 


"Taxing Times--The Legend of Lady Godiva" 
---Phillip Larrea 

wearing naught 
but hirsute. 

net assets. 
Now its worse.

God I've a 
mind to ride. 
Horse repo'd.  


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