Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Publication Months: April, August, and December only.

The beauty of running a small journal by myself is that I set my own deadlines, no one else drinks my coffee, and I create my own rules.

However, when "life" (as a graduate student, I possess no real life...just "life") comes into conflict with some of those rules, something has to give. And since I value my "life" over my rules, they're going to take a wee bit of a thrashing.

Not too much, though.

Effective immediately, The Ides of March will no longer be a monthly publication. To save my sanity as I work my way through other various projects and callings (that "life" thing again), The Ides will now only become a thrice-a-year publication. April, August, and December will be the only months to see new issues of The Ides; the other months get to relax and take it easy. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, frowny faces, or sub-breath grumbles. 

Next issue: December, 2012!