Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Volume I. Issue XII

May 15, 2012 
The Ides of March Journal 

May 15, 1928: 
Mickey Mouse, famous 
Disney icon, makes his film 
debut in "Plane Crazy."

Featured in this issue, culled from eight eligible submissions:

Zann Carter
    ---"Demeter's Grief"
Mike Miller
    ---"Shabbatai Tzvi, at Dulcigno"
Bill Wolak
    ---(poem removed at author's request)
    ---"Ancient Egyptian Skin Care"


"Demeter's Grief"
---Zann Carter

Every mother who loses a beloved child
knows the call to wander the land
in demented searching,
to become an old woman overnight
dragging the raveling threads of her old life,
knows the urge to vanish in disguise,
knows the withering loss
visible on bare hilltops, all color leached
from the dry, cracked earth,
knows the urge to make another's child


"Shabbatai Tzvi, at Dulcigno"
---Mike Miller

I tarry in the morning
and I tarry afternoon
I tarry on the Sabbath day
and every monthly moon

I tarry, tarry, tarry
to a terrible degree
and it's scary, though I tarry,
there are some who wait for me.


"Ancient Egyptian Skin Care"
---Bill Wolak

Ancient Egyptian women protected their skin
from the damaging effects of the sun whenever possible
with fragrant oils, perfumed unguents, soothing massages,
mud facials, and frequent spice and mineral baths.
And they experimented with many exotic remedies to cleanse
their pores, soften the luminous texture of their exquisitely
depilated bodies, and tone and tighten the muscles
of neck, jaw, brow, and belly. The most rejuvenating treatment
recommended unanimously by all physicians up and down the Nile
for silkening the skin the preserving a youthful complexion
was also the most expensive--soaking in a tub full of fresh semen.

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