Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Volume I. Issue IX.

The Ides of March
February 15, 2012 

February 15, 1898: 
The USS Maine explodes 
in Havana Harbor. 
The Spanish-American War begins. 

 A QUICK NOTE: The usual river of submissions was somewhat dry this month, so a new rule has been instated: when the number of eligible submissions is less than the hoped-for 15, then roughly half of those eligible submissions will see publication here (we'd like to publish all of them, but we've got to keep it somewhat competitive!). 

Featured in this issue, pared down from eight eligible submissions: 

Jerome Brooke: 
    ---"Fighting Squares"  
Linda Crate 


"Fighting Squares" 
---Jerome Brooke 

Attack like the horned beast, warriors on the right, 
Men without fear, 
Horns that thrust right and left, then forward to centre, 
Forward now with the spear. 

Feet without shoes, on the African veldt, cries of war, 
Death to all nears. 
Day of fury, men without hope, Impis attack, 
Washing of the spears. 

Bayonets on the ready, volleys ring out, 
Troops reload. 
Spears are cast, the red line wavers, now in fighting squares; 
so it was told. 


---Linda Crate 

she laid in the middle of 
where a question began 
and a secret was undone, 
but she lived in the realm 
of neither, she let emotions 
rule her, was as mercurial 
as the moon; she was not 
well renowned for her 
mercy, when one of her 
own was attacked she 
turned her into a wild bear-- 
if this is the gods' way of 
showing mercy, just let me 
endure the blade of life. 


---Linda Crate 

ironic name, since it
means pride of hera--
she tried to kill you,
she hated you; I wonder
why she didn't abhor
her husband more for
his many affairs with
mortals; while of all
his children it was you
that she hated most,
maybe because your 
mother insulted her by
giving you your name.


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