Thursday, December 22, 2011

Volume I. Issue VII.

December 15, 2011 
The Ides of March Journal

December 15, 1933: 
America's 21st Constitutional Amendment 
officially ends Prohibition. 
Bottoms up. 

Featured in this Issue: 

Bri Angleton-Stannish
    ---"Spanish/American Empire"
    ---"Nazca Lines"
Art Baker
    --- "Crispus Attucks"
    ---"Manifest Destiny"
Jerome Brooke
    --- "Slave Woman"
    ---" Stone Idol"
Linda M. Crate
    --- "et tu, brute?"
    --- "unearthed secrets"
Clarence Dearborn
    ---"The Russian Campaign"
Stephen Faraday
    ---"Santayana's Saying"
    ---"1941's Memorial"
Harold Guth
    ---"Paul Revere"
Catelyn Lancaster
    ---"First Crusade"


"Spanish/American Empire"
---Bri Angleton-Stannish

Spent like Hapsburg's blood-
line, lost like a galleon
wrecked at sea-bottom.


 "Nazca Lines"
---Bri Angleton-Stannish

As though a god drew
on earth's desert skin doodles
to make the time fly.


---Bri Angleton-Stannish

Stone upthrusts, reaching
for heaven and all its stars.
Stone watchers, waiting.


"Crispus Attucks (The Boston Massacre)"
---Art Baker

There are high schools named after him.
Memorials erected to his name.
The first to fall, caught
by musket ball, shot
dead in the snow.
And yet he was a rabble-crier,
a fearsome sailor who waved flame
and lobbed stone--his death brought him fame,
but it was he who leered
at the redcoats standing there
and grinned and taunted
and dared them to fire.


"Manifest Destiny"
---Art Baker

Go West.
pioneer hardscrabble, dirt. Blood
licking elbows and timothy, weeds among crops.
Sweating and squatting in dirt beneath Kansas' sun,
a red haze on the flat, horizon, smoke
from burning crapshacks where natives
set fire to the white man's push
to tame the wild.
Go West.

"Slave Woman"
---Jerome Brooke

Proud lady, where are your purple robes, bright emeralds,
               All pomp of state?
You are shamed, naked before your enemy, cruelly bound,
               Victim of hate.

Bound by ropes, led by the chariot of the conqueror,
               Shamed and debased.
Lady of sorrow, you are proud, you shed no tears
               Your cheek they do not trace.

Cheers, for the victor, jeers, jeers for the woman debased,
               Led thru the street.
Lady desolate, your daughters used as whores, your sons slain,
               Brave lads, food for dogs, their torn meat.


"Stone Idol"
---Jerome Brooke

Graven eyes gaze cross the sea, past ten thousand years,
Past warriors, and chiefs, seeing all.
Maidens were bound, and cast to the earth, before the rude stone,
Blood of the fair did soak the stone, idols tall.

Great war canoes cam to shore, filled with men, consumed with hate,
Long years ago, in this horrid land.
Idols were the prize, symbols of power, sign of royal blood,
In the dawn of time, here on the sand.

Then two loves walked, hand in hand, before the uncaring eyes,
Your hands in mine.
Night fell, and ages began anew, wars and rites, from long ago;
Time out of mind.


"et tu, brute?"
---Linda M. Crate

the ides of march draw nearer, 
but like caesar you ignore the 
chiming bells casting light upon 
your final breath, you flit from 
person to person like a butterfly 
drifting from flower to flower, 
embracing the blooms that will 
one day devour them in the soil; 
so you hold dear your enemies 
waiting for the right moment to
strike, just anticipating betrayal.


"unearthed secrets"
---Linda M. Crate

pegasus lifted his mighty head,
and the world shook in fear as
the black stallion unearthed its
secrets from the core, and laid
them at the feet of the demigod
perseus who never understood
the weighty volume of the craft
laid upon his shoulders in this
simple, affectionate gesture.


"The Russian Campaign"
---Clarence Dearborn

Oui, Napoleon Bonapart'e
dreams were all blown apart--
Russian fires
torched his desires.
All over again he'd start.


"Santayana's Saying"
---Stephen Faraday

History repeats itself,
said George,
for those who do not learn from it,
history repeats itself.


"1941's Memorial"
---Stephen Faraday

Beneath the bone-white tomb
where the oil seeps and spreads
their bones sprout corals and algae
where they drowned to their deaths.


"Paul Revere"
---Harold Guth

Raced as molten silver, bolting
across dark cobbles, sparks sizzlin'
from horse's hooves, racing and bellowing
for all good Englishmen to hear
that the tyrant's hammer
was falling.


----Catelyn Lancaster

From Pagan to Christian,
from Emperor to Pope,
Rome's trace elements endure
In 2,000 years,
when we are ruined statues and stories,
will our seed live on
or fade away?


"First Crusade"
---Catelyn Lancaster

When the Christians took Jerusalem
at the end of the First Crusade, they massacred
everyone within--Muslim, Jew, and Christian.
So much
for brotherly love.