Saturday, October 15, 2011

Volume I. Issue V.

October 15, 2011
The Ides of March Journal

October 15, 1966: 
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, 
two civil rights activists, form
the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

Featured in this issue:

Bill Boslego
    ---"At the Site of the Brinks Robbery, Boston"
Bud Claymore
    ---"Our Congress: 2011"
    ---"For Columbus Day"
Clarence Dearborn
Julie Laws
    ---"Robin Hood"
    ---"The Bear"
Jason McCall
    ---"The Nordic Norns of the North"
P. Nordom
    ---"Black Tuesday"
    ---"LZ 129"
Anita Walker
    ---"Julius Caesar"
    ---"Rasputin the Tenacious"
Mark Young
    ---"Jack the Ripper"
    ---"Trailer Park Olympus"


"At the Site of the Brinks Robbery, Boston"
---Bill Boslego

This perfect crime remains a call
To work the mind, solve a puzzle, devise a plan
An offbeat testament to the ingenuity of man
Even the arrests proved a point, eventually
The only thing to fear is human propensity
to talk too much, to seek revenge
The walls and floors, stairways and doors
Remain the same, now a parking garage
And beneath the windows, basketball games
As before in the North End air
And not plaque, no plaque
To even mark the spot
Implying this crime doesn't merit the time
To contemplate or oddly inspire.


"Our Congress: 2011"
---Bud Claymore

Our American folks: we've got a confession.
This thing we're in--yeah, it's a recession.
Gotta tighten up your belts just a few notches,
gotta sell your diamonds, your gold, your watches.
Don't worry 'bout that job--you'll find another!
Can't afford your house--go and live with your mother.
She was lonely anyway--hey, what's that you say?
What have I sold? What have I lost?
How is my job unchanged, how have I paid the cost?
Hey, that's a good question. I'd tell you, you see,
but I've a jet to catch, and a speech for Tv,
and I'll say really big words, I'll grin really wide
and I'll make you feel like everything's all right.
'Cause it is, you see. At least, for me.


"For Columbus Day"
---Bud Claymore

Columbus comes a-sailin'
in his famed ships a-three.
And all those natives wailin'
from wardogs and disease.

Discovery was granted
to a thief come in the night.
For all he brought was an end of life
with steel, and men, and blight.


---Clarence Dearborn

Red Tommy gave
his lovin' to a slave.
To him she bore
six kids or more--
that servant he did crave!


---Clarence Dearborn

Lincoln's ghost haunts
the White House, tall and gaunt.
Why he stays
none can say.
No one knows what he wants.


---Clarence Dearborn

The miner out of Iowa
was lauded by America.
It all went fine
'till '29--
then came Depression Era.


"Robin Hood"
---Julie Laws

Forest green, a arrow in the trees
spills gold on the road,
and poor faces smile.
Woodland outlaw,
tree-hider, yeoman reknown;
win us bright jewels
from our despotic crown.


"The Bear"
---Julie Laws

Artorius: bear-strong, wielder
of iron and steel, forged the seed
of legend long ago
in the wild grass of England;
High King, the legends name him,
Commander of men,
Unifier and protector
of God's own isle.

He sleeps, they say,
in the sacred waters
of Avalon's spring, curved
like a child in the cusp of a grail--
resting through the winter of the world
to wield his sword again
in the spring's green rebirth.


"The Nordic Norns of the North"
---Jason McCall

By divine will or cosmic jest three, old crones
hold so much influence and power
to decide gods' and men's final hour.
Even Odin whispers their names in quiet, hushed tones,
lest they remember him and take life from his bones
the next time the old women sit at their loom
and measure out the universe's life string
that accounts for any and everything
a man will do, from the day he leaves his womb
until Hel or Brunhilde comes to claim her groom.


"Black Tuesday"
---P. Nordom

leaves fell, as did shares
a slain bull caused boom's decline
thirty billion lost


"LZ 129"
---P. Nordom

How high we flew, giddy with our creation
Our ambition and driving focus to succeed outpaced our reality...
(And our caution)

On a rainy night in New Jersey
St. Elmo's eldritch flickers did us in, some say...
(A rebuke for our height?)

For 90 seconds of tragic glory we burned like the sun...
But fell like the stars

Oh, the humanity


"Julius Caesar"
---Anita Walker

Old Julius Caesar,
dictatorial geezer,
was killed, so sad,
was stabbed and stabbed--
alack for power seizure!


"Rasputin the Tenacious"
---Anita Walker

Russian Rasputin had too much brains--
so he was poisoned, stabbed, shot,
and beaten with chains.
And he still wasn't dead,
so they threw him in the river.
And while it's no surprise
he finally died,
you'd think
he have gone quicker!


"Jack the Ripper"
---Mark Young

Rip, rip, rip!
The blood ran fast and slick.
In London town, the prostitutes' gowns
bloomed red when Jack slipped in.


"Trailer Park Olympus"
---Mark Young

The Greek Gods stood as true
mirrors of the human condition.
This is why Zeus always slept around,
and why Hera couldn't stop her bitchin'.